2012-09-18 22:09:29 by ThePhailTroll

I need some fans. :/

Black Dynamite

2012-09-02 23:38:25 by ThePhailTroll

Im watching the Black Dynamite movie right now.


2012-09-02 18:35:55 by ThePhailTroll

"No" is my new favorite word.

Elder Scrolls Online

2012-08-16 17:38:54 by ThePhailTroll

I can't wait for Elder Scrolls Online!

The Internetz!

2012-07-14 15:11:43 by ThePhailTroll

I am making a website, BUT I need ideas. Please help.

I'm A Noob

2012-07-12 00:49:41 by ThePhailTroll

I am only level two. I haven't uploaded anything, except two drawings (that suck).


2012-07-09 14:32:17 by ThePhailTroll

I just got Minecraft yesterday! It is awesome... well except the fact that my computer is slow, so it lags A LOT and the sound repeats sometimes. Overall still fun!

Nyan Cat !?!

2012-07-02 23:43:56 by ThePhailTroll

I am attempting to listen to Nyan Cat for as long as I possibly can! I don't know how long I will last. I am even listening to it at this very moment! :P

Nyan Cat !?!

Look Out World!

2012-07-01 21:01:00 by ThePhailTroll

Look out because this guy is here now! I just made my account. Time to start Trolling? >:3